Unusual fun in the city

Stag party in BadAxe

A very important party, which stag party is without any doubts, needs some special and unique way of celebrating the step before which people simply wants to have fun and spend some time with friends. BadAxe is a place where future bridegroom can organize one of the most unique and unforgettable party in a company of friend and beautiful women.

Throwing Axe Party
People may ask what is so unique in a matter of throwing axes, because since middle ages they used axes on a daily basis in a case of war or simply to cut the wood. Fortunately it has been so many changes since middle ages. First of all, today there is no war where people could use axe, and they use axe to cut the wood in fact, but in BadAxe there is a new way of using axes, a new discipline which already grows in Poland. Cracow is one of a few places in Poland where people are able to have fun by throwing axes in a place with unique atmosphere like they have in BadAxe.

What BadAxe offers?
The offer in the BadAxe club is very reach, and people who wants organize incredible stag party right there won’t be disappointed for sure. First important aspect is the price, because the cost is really low, it starts from 50 PLN for one person in the party for 1,5 hour of pure fun, so this is the price that almost everybody could afford without any kind of sorrow. Stag party organized in the BadAxe club is one of the cheap parties, because of the fact that the club gives the possibility to bring own beer to the club, so there is no worries if stag party participants must spend a huge amount of money on beer and drinks in the club. BadAxe club is air conditioned so even while a hot summer day people can enjoy comfort in an appropriate temperature. There is a possibility to pay both in cash or by credit card, what nowadays is a very convenient solution for clients.

What to do in BadAxe?
There could be a couple of answers, but the most right of them is simple, have fun. Going inside BadAxe people come across impressive atmosphere made by beautiful women and possibility to make a great competition among friends in throwing axe discipline. What is important during the night such as stag night is the fact that it is only for men so the entertainment must be suitable to their preferences. It is nothing more masculine than throwing axe at the target, competing with others, and drinking beer to celebrate the fct that one of them is soon getting married.
For most of the people, stag night happens only once in life, so it is extremely important to organize something unforgettable and unique for this special night. Party in BadAxe gives this possibility, and throwing axe may become someone’s new hobby through this stag party. Advantages of stag party based on throwing axes are uncountable, this is a great fun with friends, it is not expensive, and this is the best way to start the unforgettable stag night before going to the bar or music club where the great history is going to happen.