A new discipline in Poland

Not so many people know that there is a possibility in Poland to throw axe to have fun. The fact is that throwing axes is a developing discipline in our country, but it grows very fast. There are already places where people may come and try themselves in this unusual discipline. Beautiful in this sport is the fact that everybody can try and there are absolutely no worries that something could go wrong, because in every professional place where axe throwing is possible to do, there are instructors which help people to do it in the appropriate way. People are more and more likely to try this new discipline because it’s a great fun for groups of friends and families. A few years ago people were not able to even thing about different using of axe than just chopping wood. Nowadays everything is changing and people are looking for many unconventional ideas to do something unique and interesting. What’s even more interesting about this new inventions is the fact that it becomes easy available for ordinary people, and this is very good because not only people who can play it have this opportunity, but everybody who would like to try, has this chance.

Social Entertainment
It is crucial in the era if the internet and social media to find something what really socialize people more than making them strangers. Such things may be volleyball, basketball or any different group sports, but what is interesting about throwing axe discipline is the fact that it is something new. This kind of entertainment is quite unknown in Poland while basketball and sports like that people have opportunity to play since early childhood at school. To spend time with friends by throwing axes it is nothing more needed than just a group of good friends or family and access to the place like BadAxe in Cracow or Axe Nation in Cracow and Warsaw. Fortunately there are more and more places like that, so it becomes spread all over the country, than people may try it by themselves in a low cost which gives them a high leveled entertainment. Another aspect, that encourages people to try this unique sport is the fact that the rules are very simple, and there is no need to play on a competition level. It can be only about a group of people spending a wonderful time together with axes and a great fun. It seems to be a simple entertainment, but it really can make people tired and after an hour of throwing axes there is nothing better to go with friends and rest with a cup of coffee or a glass of cold beer talking about how great it was, and comparing who was the best thrower in the group.

There aren’t any contraindications to start a beautiful adventure with this growing in Poland discipline, which is axe throwing. The interesting fact is that people use axe since dor ages and now it is a great option to use it in a very different way than people used it on a daily basis to chop the wood or as a weapon in middle ages. It has more advantages than everybody could even think that simple axe throwing could have.