Party in the city

Special time in Cracow

There are so many beautiful places in Poland to visit, but the city of Cracow is one of the most unique of them. The aspect, which makes this city so special is the access to many different and sometimes unusual attractions. Many activities are there available, that they’re not in other cities of Poland. Such attraction could be axe throwing. In Poland it is still quite unknown discipline, but it is really worth to try it and see how great entertainment it is. In Cracow is BadAxe club placed, which gives this opportunity to throw some axes and spend wonderful time with friends. Visiting axe throwing club will be a great memory which will stay in visitor’s mind for a long time after going back to the normal life, and may be incentive to come back there and do it again.

Spending free time with an axe
Axe throwing is a growing discipline in Poland, so there are not many professional places where people have the opportunity to try it themselves. Fortunately there is a place like BadAxe in Cracow where it is available. This is not an ordinary sport club, because of the unique atmosphere made by old school design. The club is fully air conditioned for the highest level of client’s comport. It is worth to mention that the cost of 1,5 hour play in the professional axe throwing club is very low, it is only 50 PLN per person, so it is a very affordable cost of very special entertainment. BadAxe club is very well located, so there is absolutely not a problem to reach that place easily. This kind of entertainment is good because most of modern people do not use axe on a daily basis, so this is the opportunity to try something new, and have a lot of fun in a company of friends and family. It is important that people do not have to be professionals at axe throwing to go to the club like BadAxe and do it. Qualified instructors help people to learn how to do it properly, and clearly explain competition rules, so that everybody could easily remember it. There are also no worries for newcomers because the rules are very simple and it takes only a couple of minutes to learn how to play a game of axe throwing in the appropriate way.

New experiences
In everybody’s life it is important to look for something new, what provides new emotions, and abilities. Spending free time on throwing axes is a wonderful opportunity to learn something new, what may become a new hobby, that every friend would like to try themselves. In Cracow there are a lot of places worth to visit, but for people who prefer to spend this time more actively than simply exploring the beautiful city, or already did it, axe throwing is one of the best choice, because there are not so many places in Poland where people have this possibility to check how great it is. The advantages of such entertainment are uncountable, it is a great fun with friends, the opportunities to move ourselves, and provides unforgettable memories, which will be good to tell about to family and friends at work.