Party in the city

The magic of Cracow

The Cracow city is one of the most unique cities in Poland, because of its history and wonderful monuments, which every visitor must see. Unforgettable moments spent by exploring the city of Kings makes people to be proud they live in such a beautiful country with such a great history. What should make people come to Cracow is the huge number of monuments, and unrepeatable atmosphere which is definitely worth to experience and feel the magic of this city. There are monuments, which are incredible of their history, but there are also attractions which make amazing impression, and provide unforgettable memories and emotions, which cannot be experienced anywhere in Poland. Because of this variety and universality of the attractions, it is one of the best places in Poland to spend free weekend or even a whole week.

Old Town in Cracow
The place where it is a good idea to start exploring Cracow is the Old Town. Place with amazing atmosphere and beautiful buildings. It is also great place to start because Old Town contains so many monuments to visit and learn something interesting about them. People visiting Old Town say that it is unrepeatable vibe all around there, and it is a great lesson of the history of Poland. What is also interesting not only about Old Town but about the whole city of Cracow is the cultural mixture what makes a great feeling of big world community. Going around the Old Town in Cracow, people may get a feeling that time stopped and there is nothing more than here and now.

Lost Souls Alley
Lost Souls Alley is definitely a place for people who like the feeling of fear. It is fully interactive places, where people have the opportunity to experience the pure fear instinct. The whole floor is inspired by horror movies, and it’s done in a way that people may feel unsure about what is going to happen next. It is not the attraction for everybody, but for those who are quite acquainted with fear.

Aviation museum in Cracow
Another attraction, which is a great option for enthusiasts of aviation is Aviation Museum, where people have the opportunity to see the great machines, which took part in war but also the more modern exhibits. The amount of aviation knowledge and machines is so huge that people very often come back there for a couple of times to uncover more aspects of this wonderful place. The exhibits, which people are able to observe there are unique in a sense that there are not many places like this in such a hug number of different airplanes and helicopters.

The city of Cracow is amazing place with amazing history and attractions. Everybody is able to find something suitable to his or her preferences right there, and spend a wonderful time going around the city and exploring the most unrepeatable monument in Poland. Visit in Cracow is also a great opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things about the history of Poland and the way Cracow developed through the years.