Unusual fun in the city

Axe throwing through the ages

People have used axes since prehistory, since it already was invented. It was a very simple device which people used in order to hunt animals, chop wood for the fire, and as a weapon of course. At middle ages it was one of the main weapon used during wars and battles. The soldier used it by throwing the axe at the target which in that case was an enemy. Through the ages people invented different kinds of weapon, so that they were less likely to use an axe to fight, but this universal tool has never disappeared from everyday life of millions of people. Until today people use it in houses and workshops as one of the most universal tool. Nowadays history turns back. Obviously it doesn’t mean that people use axe as a weapon, but it is more frequent to throw axe as a discipline of sport. As everything in the world, axe throwing evolved from the simplest tool invented by a prehistoric human being, through one of the most popular weapon used by soldiers during battles, to the tool used for entertainment by modern people who enjoy spending time with friends doing something unusual, and what provides unrepeatable emotions in a great atmosphere.

Throwing axe today
Nowadays people are more likely to look for entertainments, which have something in common with the history. They like to take something what was forgotten a long years ago and make it into something special, what provides a lot of fun. This happened in a case of axe throwing. A centuries ago people have thrown axes as a device to kill people, today it is more and more often that people make places where they gives an opportunity to throw axe as a full of fun entertainment. Still it is quite unknown in Poland to spend time with friends by throwing axes to the wood, but every people who has ever tried it would say that it is a great fun and would love to try it again. The discipline of axe throwing is more popular beyond the ocean. In Canada it is one of the most popular sports, and they have a professional axe throwing league for people who does it very good. This amazing fashion has already came from the big world to Poland, and today there a are a places like BadAxe in Cracow where people can simply go and try how great entertainment it is.

Entertainment for everybody
The most important thing about axe throwing in the form of a discipline of sport, is the fact that people do not have to be a professional axe throwers who was born with an axe in hands to try it. It is very easy to do it as a simple entertainment, and even if people would like to try it in a competition, there are only o couple of rules, which are very simple to learn and remember. Than it is only a great fun left. Axe throwing could be a very interesting and unique way of spending Friday afternoon with a group of friends. After such an attraction there will be a great memories left to tell the family or people at work, who will probably want to try it themselves and check how great it is.