Unusual fun in the city

Stag Party in Cracow

There are a hundreds of options to organize stag party in Cracow. This city offers so many opportunities that it makes it one of the best places in Poland to organize this kind of party. The only thing to consider, is the type of stag party, if it should be extreme or more calm. It all depends from personal preferences of future bridegroom.

Stag party with a dose of adrenaline
Almost every man as a child wanted to be a soldier or simply act as a soldier. In most cases it does not happens in adult life, so during stag party it is good to comeback somehow to these childhood dreams. The great option t organize unforgettable stag party is a paintball party. It makes a feeling of a real war, nevertheless with no bloodshed. This is a good choice for those people who likes to spend time actively with a lot of fun and adrenaline. During stag party organized in this way, every participants have the chance to prove they are real men and to check who among future bridegroom is the best shooter, Of course everything is made in a form of fun and there is a possibility to simply shoot a few paintball’s, but there is also a chance to make a regular competition in small groups, what is a great fun. Every participant of such a stag party have 200 ball’s filled up with colorful paint, and a possibility to train a little with the instructor. Organizer also provides dynamic scenarios of the game and all the necessary equipment. What is amazing about this kind of stag day and than night is the fact that paintball is very exhausting so people who likes an intensive activities will love it for sure.

Rafting if Paintball is not enough adrenaline
If there are not enough emotions and adrenaline after paintball game, there is also a possibility in Cracow to rent a canoe and try extreme water sport called rafting. The circuit is 400 meters long and it is full of obstacles and different water streams which make this attraction very involving and not less interesting. Organizer provides 2 hours of unlimited emotions, and what is even more important in this kind of attractions, there are fully qualified instructors which are to help people not to hurt themselves, and of course needed equipment, so that the future bridegroom and his guests do not have to worry about nothing more than their great party moods. There is a guarantee that after stag party organized in this way, all of the participants will be fully exhausted and filled up with endorphins and positive emotions which they can take to the further part of the party which is less active and more about having fun in the club, bar, or any place that will be planned for this night.

To organize a great stag party it only needs a little imagination and knowledge about the preferences of all participants. Having this two things there is nothing easier than organizing unforgettable stag party, because there are so many possibilities in Cracow that everybody is able to find something fully suitable to preferences.