Unusual fun in the city

A very special discipline

There are a millions of different disciplines of sport around the world. Some of them are ordinary, so almost everybody has ever done it like for example volleyball or basketball, but there are also disciplines, which are quite unknown especially in Poland. One of such disciplines is axe throwing, what came to Poland from the big world beyond the ocean. What is so special about axe throwing? Many people would say that nothing, because what could be special about taking an axe and simply throwing it. The reality is different than most people think. Axe throwing is a wonderful discipline, which grows in Poland and becomes more and more popular. People in Poland are more likely to try new things because of the fact that they are looking for something, what provides new emotions, new abilities, and a very new atmosphere which surrounds the activity. In case of axe throwing the atmosphere is very unique and gives the feeling like doing something from completely different world. The fact that people as a human beings used axe as a tool for ages, and now they have the opportunity to use it as something what provides fun, gives another value to this discipline. Another thing which make axe throwing interesting is the fact that here is a possibility to play it simple for fun and there are a professional rules, that everybody could make a competition or even a tournament on a good level of axe throwing.

Entertainment for all
The good thing about axe throwing is that everybody can try it. The cost of axe throwing in a professional club is about 50 PLN for 1.5 hour of unlimited fun in a company of friends or family, so this is the price that everybody could afford. Another thing is that usually places like BadAxe in Cracow where people can throw some axes, are air conditioned, so there is no risk that after hour of throwing axe it gets to hot and there is no air to breathe. The rules of axe throwing as a competition are very simple, and it takes only a couple of minutes to explain them by instructors. Advantage of throwing axe discipline is that people are able to do some physical activity in a great atmosphere with friends and family. Simplicity of axe throwing gives this opportunity to do it almost everywhere if the conditions are good, so that people do not have to go to the special axe throwing club in order to try it, there is a possibility to do it at house’s backyard.

Interesting fact about axe throwing is that ages ago people wouldn’t even think about using axe to have fun, and use it in a different way than just chop wood or as a weapon on the battlefield. This is the uniqueness of axe throwing, that a very simple tool invented to help people in everyday life became a professional entertainment, which gathers a hundreds of people together, and already makes a great community. There is nothing more to think about it, it is time to try axe throwing because it is a great developing discipline in our country.