Party in the city

Spend free time in Cracow

The city of Cracow is incredible because of a few aspects. This is a beautiful city with a great history and attractions which make people be aware of the great piece of the history of Poland. The good thing about Cracow is that everybody around the world could find something interesting there, and spend really good time exploring it. This city is a great option to visit for both people who are interested in the history and those who simply enjoy visiting nice places, because in Cracow there are all sorts of attractions which comes up to visitors expectations. It is good to spend in Cracow more than one or two days in order to feel this city and observe how it lives at night. So much great history of Poland is contained the wonderful monuments and buildings, which everybody should be aware of.

Jewish District in Cracow
One of the must-see places in Cracow is old Jewish District, which make amazing impression of the very important place during World War II. Many people say that this is the most adorable part of the city of Cracow. It gives the opportunity to spend hours on exploring a beautiful streets, watching amazing architecture, and feeling the unrepeatable atmosphere of this place. People who like to eat well have to visit Jewish District because there are so many restaurants serving great food. Another aspect that make this place one of the most unique in Cracow is the fact that music is a great part of this place, what makes unforgettable atmosphere.

St. Mary’s Church
Another place, which every visitor should see is St. Mary’s Church. This is an impressive 800 years old church, which one of the most important temple in the city. The place is filled up with many faith souvenirs, city legends and the history of Poland. Inside the church, people may find colorful ornamenting, which is quite unusual for buildings of that epoch. People visiting St. Mary’s Church say that it makes a great impression from the outside and even bigger when they come inside and see the magnitude of this place. The uniqueness of this place is merit of Jan Matejko who makes some of his works in the St. Mary’s Church. It must be said that not only polish visitors are impressed by this monument, people from all over the world come here to adore the wonderful gothic temple. One of the reason why it is good to visit this place is the fact that St. Mary’s Church is one of the Cracow’s symbols, than there a good idea to place it on your exploring plan.

The city of Cracow makes a huge effect on people who visits it for the first time, but it also make such effect on people who lives there every day and have this possibility to spend there more than one or two days. It is good to visit Cracow not only because its undisputed charm but also because the great dose of nation history contained in so many places in this beautiful city. There is nothing more left than simply pack suitcase and come to Cracow in order to feel the magic of this city.