Let's party!

Integration makes a team

It is a common knowledge that if team is well integrated, and people likes each other, the work results are better than in the opposite case. People are a very social beings and in order to feel good in a company of others, they must be aware of what to expect from them and what kind of people are those in his or her surroundings. If people are integrated, they are more likely to go to work and do their job as good as they can. Fortunately there are a hundreds of possibilities to integrate the team, but crucial is to chose the one which fits the best to the nature of the team.

Sauna Night
It becomes more and more popular among companies to organize sauna night in order to integrate the team. This kind of integration has so many advantages for people who works both in corporations and for those who work more physically. First of all it is a great relaxation for the organism, and helps in regeneration after hours at work. Another advantage is that sitting in sauna helps to reduce the level of stress and exhaustion, which are inseparable part of every work. This kind of relax in a work team makes everybody feel calm, thanks to what people are more likely to talk and learn something new about each other. Being in sauna together with workmates and the boss, makes the relation less formal and shows that everybody are the same human beings, which need a dose of relax from time to time. After night spent in sauna, people may have a feeling of lightness which makes them calm and ready to work in a great atmosphere.

Mountain Climbing integration
Another idea to integrate the team is more extreme and needs some level of physical abilities, nevertheless mountain climbing is a great idea for the integration trip for the whole team. The mountain view makes people calm, and they feel like a party of something big. Advantage of this kind of integration is that people have the opportunity to observe each other in a completely different situation than during every day routine at work. It is good because it gives the feeling of equality among employees and the boss, because of the fact that everybody is climbing the same mountain and everybody needs others help to reach the peek. Additionally, there is nothing better than watching, beautiful landscape from the top of the mountain in a company of people, who normally people can see only in the work habitat. After integration party made in this way, it is for sure that people will share amazing memories and will be more likely to spend time together at work in a good atmosphere.

The advantages of integration are uncountable, and every company which goal is to have great results, should invest in its employees in order to create the real team, which will be fully committed to the work. Nowadays there is absolutely not a problem to organize good integration trip or a party because of a huge amount of possibilities. The only thing to consider is the type of integration.