Unusual fun in the city

A new discipline in Poland

Nowadays people are looking for more and more new things. From electronic devices to attractions and entertainments, which they did not know before. They are looking for some new incentive, which brings some new emotions into their life. Because of this fact, the world is developing all the time, also because of this fact, people invented axe throwing as a sport discipline. The fashion of axe throwing as a kind of sport and entertainment started beyond the ocean. It is Canada where it was started and where people fell in love with this sport. After some time it became more popular in other countries, and finally it came to the Europe. Today it is also in Poland where people are able to try this absolute phenomenon in the world of sport. There are already places in cities like Cracow where are special clubs committed to axe throwing discipline.

Simple axe throwing rules
If there are people who likes competition, this new discipline is absolutely for them. Axe throwing as a competition has a couple of simple rules which are very easy to understand for everybody. The whole play starts with “stone-paper-snips” game to establish who will throw first. After that, every player has three throws to worm up and feel the axe before the first game of the evening, and only one worm up throw before the second game of the evening. There is a habit among players that before the game they knock their axes in order to keep the sport spirit. Every game contents three rounds, in each of the rounds every player has five throws. To win the whole game, player must win 2 of 3 rounds. Every player throws every three rounds, even if there is already a player who wins the first and the second round. An important rule is the one, which says that if there is a player who wins first round and the rest two rounds it’s a draw, such a player wins whole game. In a situation that after 3 rounds there is a draw, it is an additional round, which is about to throw a big axe. The same as before the regular game, players start from the “stone-paper-snips’ game to decide who throws first. In the additional round, every player has only one throw and winner is the one who hits the target in the area of the blue circle.

Scoring system
Scoring system is very simple, there are 4 areas where player may get some points. The centre of the target called “bullseye” is the place by hitting that, player gets 5 points. Hitting the red circle is scored as 3 points. The less valuable for the player is the blue circle because it provides only 1 point. The best scored place on the target shield are green places in the corners because hitting them gives 7 points, but it must be announced by the player before the throw that he or she will hit this green point. What is also important, is that player can throw at the green point only before the last throw in a round, and if it is announced that player tries to hit this area and he missed, there are no points for any other area on the target shield.